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Ale De Tuglie: A Young Talent Making Waves.
Hailing from the charming city of Bari, South Italy, Ale De Tuglie has been quietly making a name for himself in the world of electronic music. From the age of 14, he discovered a deep love for electronic beats and the joy they bring to people. This love became the driving force behind his musical journey.
Ale’s story is one of passion, dedication, and an unyielding commitment to his craft. His distinctive style, marked by a fusion of rhythms, grooves, and unique details, sets him apart as both a DJ and a producer. He doesn’t seek the spotlight; instead, he seeks to
create musical experiences that resonate with his audience. Whether spinning tracks or producing his own, Ale’s sets are a reflection of his heartfelt connection to electronic music. His mission is simple: to provide the soundtrack to unforgettable nights, sharing a sense of euphoria that ignites the dance floor.
In 2021, Ale had the opportunity to tour alongside the esteemed Marco Carola, a renowned figure in the scene. Together, they played in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, from Ushua├»a in Ibiza to Soho Garden DXB in Dubai.
This journey allowed Ale to secure a place in the lineup of Carola’s renowned event, Music On, a fixture of Ibiza’s summer scene since 2012.
Moreover, Ale De Tuglie’s passion and skill have earned him a continued presence in the Music On residency in Ibiza and events worldwide bearing the same brand, including the ADE edition in Amsterdam.
In a world of big names and bright lights, Ale remains grounded, dedicated to the music, and committed to sharing his unique sound with those who appreciate it.


1Gotta Work
2023 Gotta Work EP (Original Mix) Whippin Records
2023 Gotta Work EP (Original Mix) Whippin Records
3Shut Up
2023 Squeeze Me EP (Original Mix) Futura Records
2023 Squeeze Me EP (Original Mix) Futura Records
5Squeeze Me
2023 Squeeze Me EP (Original Mix) Futura Records