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Da Vid, born in the heart of Rome, found his true musical calling in the vibrant coastal town of Riccione back in 2008. Nestled on the famed “riviera romagnola,” a region steeped in Italy’s club culture history, Da Vid’s journey into the world of music began to take shape. It wasn’t long before he assumed the role of resident DJ at the legendary Classic Club in Rimini. During his tenure at Classic Club, Da Vid embarked on musical explorations, seamlessly blending the analog charm of vinyl records with the cutting-edge allure of new technologies. This fusion of old and new not only expanded his sonic horizons but also laid the foundation for his distinctive style. As the man behind the decks at Classic Club, Da Vid honed his musical taste, absorbing inspiration from both the euphoric dancefloor reactions and the critical insights of industry veterans. The feedback he received during this formative period would prove invaluable. Da Vid’s talent and dedication did not go unnoticed. It wasn’t long before he ascended to the coveted position of resident DJ at one of Italy’s premier nightlife institutions, Cocoricò in Riccione. His technical prowess and artful DJ sets garnered him acclaim in the most exclusive clubs across Italy, where audiences were captivated by his mastery of the turntables. The international stage beckoned, and Da Vid answered the call. Sharing decks with renowned DJs from around the globe, he transitioned from the underground scene to the mainstream, amassing praise and admiration. His versatility and craftsmanship extended beyond the DJ booth, showcased in a catalog of releases on esteemed labels such as D Floor Music, Monday Morning, Optikal, Leone Music, Related, and il Muretto Recording. Today, Da Vid is an esteemed artist and producer, a name synonymous with quality in both his homeland and beyond. His performances have graced iconic venues like Space Ibiza, Amnesia – Milan, Music On Ibiza, Tinì Soundgarden, Muretto, Link, Red Zone, Guendalina, as well as prestigious festivals and events including The BPM Festival Mexico, Elrow, Social Music City, Sky Vodka, Unipol Arena, and Ralf In Bikini. Notably, Da Vid’s talents have extended into the realm of fashion, as he proudly holds the position of resident DJ for the Italian Fashion Label Numero 00. His electrifying sets have graced the Milan Fashion Week Official Event, where he shared the stage with luminaries like Paco Osuna and Dennis Cruz. Additionally, Da Vid is a cherished member of the Music On roster, delivering unforgettable performances in global hotspots like Dubai, Mykonos, Ibiza, and London. In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, Da Vid stands as a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the art of sound and continues to compose his compelling story. One beat at a time.


2023 (Original Mix) Thanks for sending Records
2023 (Original Mix) Thanks for sending Records
2023 (Original Mix)
4Exclusive Mix
2019 (#129) Klinks Music
5Ralf in Bikini
2016 Dj Set