In 2022 Joey Daniel unveils the new label SiO Records, launching a hub where music meets graphic design and beyond. Creating and maintaining an identity within dance music is never an easy task, yet Joey Daniel continues to evolve while staying true to his own sound and style. A regular at Sunwaves, Music On, Unum Festival, Paradise, and Caprices Festival, Daniel’s musical heritage gives him a different outlook to many within the scene with consistency at the heart of his work and thinking. A natural progression of this approach comes via the launch of his own imprint, SiO Records.  A project shaped around the Dutch favorite’s own vision to combine music and graphic design, early spring sees the label’s first installment as he drops three fresh productions via his Starting Point EP.

Joey did not wait that much to drop an additional bomb track, “5AM Hung Kee” [SiO02], marking the second release on his SiO label. A blend of techno and house influences, the title suggests a late-night vibe, making it an ideal anthem for the early morning hours. With pulsating rhythms and intricate textures, Daniel showcases his knack for crafting immersive soundscapes. “5AM Hung Kee” cements SiO’s status as a label for cutting-edge electronic music, solidifying Joey Daniel’s reputation as a trendsetting artist in the scene.

The title track “The First Agreement” is a typically smooth production guided by crisp percussion arrangements and hooky vocal interjections to bring a captivating and hypnotic groove with hazy yet punchy undertones. Next, “Positive Territory” merges organic drums with eerie, warping vocal murmurs and spiraling lead synths for yet more early-hours material, before “Upside Down Jazz” closes the show by delving into off-kilter territories as wonky synth stabs and echoed vocal snippets ebb and wave around the track’s on point groove.

The Label boss steps out on SiO Records for the first time in 2023, unveiling his four-track ‘Uninterrupted’ EP to mark one year of the imprint. Opening release, title cut ‘Uninterrupted’ is a production encapsulating the Dutchman’s slick, low-slung sound as he builds a web of sounds constructed for the late hours.