In a spectacular musical unveiling, the talented artist Da Vid has just released his highly anticipated EP titled “Openado.” This captivating collection of tracks, including the eponymous “Openado” and “Destino,” takes listeners on a sonic voyage through Da Vid’s unique blend of beats and melodies. The EP, officially released on November 23, 2023, is now available for music enthusiasts to savor on Thanks for Sending Records.

Da Vid’s distinctive style shines through each track, showcasing a fusion of genres and musical influences that set him apart in the contemporary music scene. “Openado” introduces listeners to a world of immersive soundscapes, while “Destino” adds another layer of depth to the EP with its rhythmic complexity and emotive undertones.

Thanks for Sending Records, known for its commitment to showcasing cutting-edge talent, has once again delivered a musical gem with Da Vid’s “Openado” EP. Fans and music connoisseurs alike are in for a treat as they immerse themselves in the artistry and creativity that Da Vid brings to the table. This release marks another milestone in the artist’s career and further solidifies Thanks for Sending Records’ reputation as a platform for groundbreaking musical expression.